Making Money Before You Even Have a Product

Waiting until you have a product of your own to make money online means you'e missing out on a lot of potential profit that you could be making while you get your own products ready.  You don't want to waste the opportunity.

First, create a plan or a map of how much money you' like to earn online and then take the steps to fulfil that plan. If you don't have a plan or a marketing strategy to use to make money, then you won't be as successful. To help you create a plan you can access my FREE Video Course Here - 7 Key Elements To Online Business Success.

You don't always have to go with what you know when you want to make money as an online entrepreneur. Pick a market or a niche that interests you. If it interests you, it will show through your efforts, and you can promote as an affiliate.  

If you can write, you can earn money.......

How about writing for other online businesses or marketers while you're building your own products. You can write blogs, reports, articles and even eBooks.

Other service jobs are out there too like building backlinks for marketers, creating blogs and more.

If you can't write or are not comfortable with it, then teach.......

You could set up a teaching website sharing information about whatever you're knowledgeable in and charge for lessons or online classes and do them via video.

Create a how-to workshop......

There are many people who want to learn from the comfort of their own homes. Just make a list of the topics you know and pick a few of those to expand. Create a lesson plan, put up a site (you can even use free ones) and announce your site through free press releases, forums or blogs.  

You can also let your site be used by marketers who are already making money.....

You could sell them some advertising space on your site and promote their products. You want to make sure that what they're offering is legitimate because if it's not and people get upset, you'll get tainted with the same brush simply by association.

You can also create a site and promote the products that Amazon or other retailers sell via a link on your site. You'll earn commission based on the products that people buy.

You might start out with small amounts of money, but it will grow and it's a fairly easy way to make money online. This is known as Affiliate Marketing of tangible items. You can also check out marketplaces such as ClickBank and PayDotCom for digital download products to promote.

As you can see whilst there are ways to get started in online business, it just takes action, get started and tweak and grow along the way :)​

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