Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Much Better Than a JOB

I often got asked when starting out online, why are you wanting to have your own business, surely that will just put you under pressure, is it not easier to just go to work and come home?  

Let me explain why I choose the entrepreneur route.  There are several reasons why being an entrepreneur is much better than a J-O-B.

Yes it is true that it is a responsibility running your own business, however, you also have the freedom to pursue the most financially and personally rewarding avenues.  

Instead of sitting behind a desk and being told what you have to achieve for the day or for the year, you're free to set your own goals and objectives.  You decide.  No more time spent working on projects that don't fulfil you. When you're an entrepreneur, you get to set the goals, you get to choose the direction your business takes and which projects will be the best fit for your endeavors. Because you will be the one to know your company best, achieving your goals will not only feel financially rewarding but will also be personally rewarding as well. When you feel both financial and personally rewarded you feel amazing!

In addition to getting to decide the direction your business heads, you'll also be cutting down on the time it takes to get back and forth to work. Before having my son, I used two drive 30 minutes to and from work every day, thats an hour gone, for others they spend a lot more time commuting.  For many people, their daily commute represents time that could better be spent on other activities like connecting with new clients and working to build their company's brand, both of which are essential to having a successful business. For entrepreneurs working at home, the longest commute is from the shower to the computer (or laptop) freeing up valuable work time.  For me the most commuting I do in a day is from the kitchen to my study/office with my fresh cup of coffee.  It is important to set a separate area at home for you to run your business from, that is another subject to talk about, so for another post maybe.

One of the most exciting work at home perks is the flexibility it offers you. When you run your own business, you don't have to worry about being put on the schedule for holidays or on family birthdays. If you don't feel well yourself, you don't have to go in to work or beg your boss to stay home or get docked in pay. When you work at home, you don't have to clear it with your supervisors if you need to leave work early to pick up your sick child.  For me that is a major benefit.  I work my business around my family commitments, my son was sick last Friday, i was able to stay at home with him no problem, other people who have a JOB would have to have cleared that time with their boss first or would have to have made other arrangements if they couldn't take that time off.

You don't have to work hours that someone else specifies. Your schedule is completely your own. If you'd rather work in the small hours of the night so you can spend more time with your loved ones while they're awake, then you're free to do so. When you work at home, you can be as free as you wish without worrying you'll lose your job.  That in itself is a huge benefit.

Another perk is the stability that comes from working at home. In this economy, even the most dedicated employees sometimes find themselves being let go. But when you work from home, you never have to worry about being fired or downsized because you're the boss.  Stability is a big thing for me.

Running your own business allows you the freedom to change directions, work your own hours, avoid the frustrating commute and the knowledge that your never have to worry about being laid off again. Plus, it's so much more exciting building something yourself and seeing it take off than working for someone else to build their business!

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