UGLY Models??

If anyone asks me how do I get started in Online Business I always suggest to copy others who are already successful in what you are wanting to do, so you could duplicate their success, after all if someone is making what you want to do work, they are obviously doing it right, so why not copy their system, why not do exactly what they are doing - it makes sense right. However, that then leads to the question.....

Would that not mean numerous people in the same niche all doing the same thing, how will that work. Obviously it's difficult to attract attention or customers when you're looking like and acting like everyone else, so although I recommend to copy others, by copy I mean, their systems and processes, you still need separate yourselves from the rest, and you do that by putting your own twist on things, doing that will result in an excellent success tactic. 

I recently read an article where someone not only added their own unique twist, they turned the business idea completely on its head. 

There is a modelling agency here in the U.K that has been doing exactly that, turning the modelling world upside down and actually doing the complete opposite for the past 40 years. While every other agency is looking for the 'typical model' you know the one, young, thin and beautiful, The Ugly Modelling Agency specialises in, umm, shall we say, “not so typical” models?

To get the full effect you'll want to watch the video...

Which leads to the obvious question – what can you do in your Internet Marketing business that is the OPPOSITE of what everyone else has been doing? As this video demonstrates, nothing should be considered too radical, and it's the most bizarre which might pay off the most.

Take a good look at each aspect of your business, at your relationship to your customers and at your products and services. Now ask yourself – what can you do 180 degrees differently? How can you stand so far away from the crowd, that you no longer have any competition? What are you going to do differently that everyone takes notice to?

Don't be too quick to discount the answers you receive. No doubt the founder of this modelling agency thought his idea was crazy – yet it's been working for over 4 decades.

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