Common Mistakes When Starting an Online Business or a Home Business

There are many mistakes made when people start an online business or a home business.

Probably the biggest mistake is .........

Not taking the business seriously.

So many people start a home business thinking of it as only a hobby. But, running your own online business or home businesses can earn an enormous amount of money. Today, one person can run a million dollar business from their home office.

Here are some common mistakes that you'll want to avoid.

Not Focusing on the Audience 

It's easy to make this mistake because when you're in business it feels like it's about you.  But it's not; it's about other people, your audience. The more you can place your focus on your audience, the better you'll be at attracting your audience.

Not Doing the Research 

You may have what seems like a good idea, but there may be no market for it. Do your research before you go all in. Sometimes there simply isn't enough of a market for an idea to make the sort of money you want to make. Just watch one episode of  Shark Tank and you'll see great ideas that still won't produce enough income to attract the sharks. Even if you choose Affiliate Marketing as your business model, you still have to choose the right products to make sure their is going to be enough of a market to keep sales rolling in.

Not Staying Focused

Once you decide on something, you want to stay laser focused on your business and building it before you start looking at other options. Some people call it shiny object syndrome.  TIP: To fight this syndrome, allow yourself to spend only a certain percentage of time on new ideas and the rest on the original. 

Learning without Action 

It's easy to get overwhelmed with all the how to videos, reports, and courses you can take online today. But remember that these things, while wonderful, aren't any good for you if you're not going to follow the directions and do what they say. TIP: Put the things you learn into action before moving on and learning something else.

Not Setting a Realistic Budget

Everything always cost more and takes more time than you think it will. You're not going to make money today. It doesn't matter what so-and-so guru told you. I see people all around say start today and make money today.  Realistically those types of programs they talk about will earn you a very small amount of money 'today'. Realistically those types of programs take time to build up, so seeing any decent amount of returns take some time.  

If you are building an online business or home based business, it takes time to make money, so ensure that you have the money to keep afloat until your business is earning and by earning I mean making a profit. remember its a business, for business to stay alive they need to be making a profit.

In addition, don't overlook the bookkeeping. You can use an easy system like Wave Accounting or Go Daddy Bookkeeping.

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Not Marketing Enough

So many small businesses, internet businesses, home businesses and otherwise, completely forget about planning their marketing efforts. You can't have a business without some form of promotion. You can use social media, pay per click, search engine optimisation, networking and more to promote your business. However you do it, you have to do it or you have no business.  Remember to track all of your advertising, its extremely important to know that if you are using paid advertising, which paid sources are getting you results, otherwise you are completely wasting your time and money.

Outsourcing Too Quickly

Unless you have a large start-up budget, try to do most of the work yourself so that you know how to do it. You may want to outsource website building and some technology issues, but other than that, start slow with outsourcing.

Not Outsourcing Enough 

Once you get started in online business, internet marketing or home business and are profitable, you do want to outsource basic administration, maybe your advertising and other things like that. You don't want to work yourself to death. One of the main reasons people start an online business or home based business is that they have more time to do the things they love, so don't work yourself into the ground, outsource when you can.

Chasing Perfection

No one is ever perfect. It's just not going to happen and it's not possible. So many small business people, especially home business owners and internet marketers, try to be perfect. They are afraid to show their work for fear of judgement. You have to get over that. Something is better than nothing, and online everything can be improved later. To start making money, you have to get started, don't wait for things to be perfect, they never will be, get started and tweak things as you go.  

These mistakes can end your dreams of running your own online or home based business very quickly. If you avoid these mistakes, who know's you could have the next million dollar internet based or home bases business :).

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