Carpet Cleaner Quits Job to Play Video Games and Clears $5,000+ a month!

I recently read this story about a guy who quit his current day job to play video games and earns a full time income doing it.  It struck a chord with me because that is exactly what my son wants to do.  He is still at school so he doesn't have a job, but he wants to make money from playing video games.  Now I have always stood behind what my son wants to do, as long as he gets his homework done and it doesn't effect his schooling.  

My son has received mixed reviews from people he tells that he wants to play Minecraft and make money from it.  Little do they know that it is perfectly achievable if you do it right.  This post is about a guy called Steven Bonnell, he was a carpet cleaner who quit his job to play the video game StarCraft2.   

Steven Bonnell didn't want to clean carpets anymore – he just wanted to stay home and play his favourite video game, Starcraft 2. At the time he quit his job he wasn't playing in any tournaments or anything like that, just playing it at home, yet he was making a cool $5000 a month playing the game.

So how is Steven earning a living doing the thing that he loves the most? He simply plays the game, streams it live via what was then,, now he streams in and then he places highlight videos on YouTube.

Now he is not boring to watch he is highly animated on the videos, which is why he's attracted a very loyal following, earning about $3500 a month in ad revenue. On top of that, he's teaching others how to play, which brings him an additional $1500 a month.

Lessons learned?

1. If you can think just a little bit creatively, think a bit outside of the box, you can probably find a way to earn your living doing the thing you love the most

2. You don't have to be the best of the best – you just need some sort of edge. In Steven's case, he's highly entertaining and passionate and it comes through on his videos.

3. Video games are a HUGE market full of rabid fans, so if this is your niche, there's plenty of money to be made.

4. Live streaming combined with placing the highlights on YouTube is a great marketing combination.

5. It's okay not to be perfect. If you're waiting until you're an expert or the best of the best to launch your business or share yourself with the world, you'll never be ready. Just get out there are start marketing what you do have – and see what happens.

6. If a guy can earn $60,000 playing a video game, what CAN'T you do??

Now this is nothing new, this story has been round for while, he is still going strong, I just thought that story sent a clear message, think outside of the box a little, if there is something you want to do go for it, don't hang around, make a start, go with it and you never know.  Anything is achievable.  You want to do something - go for it.  Would you have thought it was possible to make over $5000 playing your favourite video game?

If you are interest, here are Steven's Channels (please note they his videos contain strong language)

Here's a thread on Reddit where you can read more:

Here is Steven's channel:

Here is Steven's Youtube channel:

NOTE: Any and all of the above may contain adult language – especially in his videos (just so you know.)

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